About me

Hi everyone, and welcome to my Juice Value website! This site aims at providing you with the best possible advice and tips towards a healthier lifestyle. The information you will find on this site is a result of my inner experiences and subsequent struggle for answers. I will share with you insights and core realizations that you can use to navigate clear from errors in your own path to wellness!

A little story about my journey for wellness.

In my early life, I felt a strong urge to succeed. However, apart from wanting to succeed or feel happy, I had no vision and, subsequently, no idea of how to proceed and make the right choices. Like a fast train trying to run on crooked rails, all my efforts led to unfortunate results. I found myself randomly changing directions, abandoning careers, starting from scratch again and again, and undermining my health along the way. I was very successful in most things that I undertook, or at least, it was perceived that way. Something always felt off, forcing me each time to change path. After obtaining a Ph.D. in nanoelectronics, I threw it away to work as an online poker player. A few years later, and despite my success, I abandoned this path and started as a software engineer in banking and then finance, only to quit again after a while… 

Throughout these years, I found myself accumulating stress and fatigue, both physical and mental. I considered “normal” that I should live a stressful life, suffering from chronic back pain and physical and mental fatigue. At some point and with burnout being just around the corner, I reconsidered my choices, quit my job and took the time to understand my life. I used all available means to find answers, from scientific research to internet sources, books, and consultation. I slowly started applying in my life the knowledge I was extracting from my explorations. I made radical changes in my lifestyle. I reconnected with my values and reinvented my vision. By applying the principles that I learned, my life was impacted greatly!

Now I want to give back. Thus, my urge to share with you these principles in a comprehensive manner so that you can apply them in your life and see fantastic changes! 

Changing all of your unhealthy habits at once is nearly impossible. Building upon small changes and cumulating healthy habits is the best way to improve your life. This site aims at providing you with simple steps, like incorporating the right exercise in your daily routine, that will lead to wonderful changes. It will also provide you with knowledge and understanding so that you can build insights, comprehend your life and become responsible. Once you have reclaimed your health and your life’s vision is clear, all of your efforts will add up to fulfilling your goals and experience life at its fullest! My ongoing journey towards health and fulfillment has been long and wonderful. I am confident that yours will be too.

So, cheers for joining in, and I wish you all the best along your journey!


founder of Juice Value